The Sound & the Silence.

What is worth spending time with! what is the best thing to occupy his mind and the best food for thought, the best canvas to render his imagination, the little aspirations; to share his being where He happens to find Self…? without a doubt it is…

‘The Sound & the Silence.’

He dared to share his ventures with his family, the Sun; his father, the Moon; his mother. The father said ‘only if you could stand by yourself & feed your being, I wish you sunlight; that shall bring you clarity’. The mother had tears in her eyes, she said, ‘I had expect little more from you, always. Your limited imagination disappoints me, always. Yet I wish you moon vibes; that shall transcend your being.’

Now, he wanders & wonders. Watching sunset & the moonrise, moonset & the sunrise. Spending time with the Sound and the Sound of the silence, with the Silence and the Silence of the silence.

Like he ever/never had a choice! But to live his truth, to be at peace, to share his happiness and to express his love; through…

‘The Sound & the Silence.’


16 April 2017, Sunday

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