This is my audio-visual journal, where I share my being {Breath . Sound . Music} with you. 

I play, share my vibrations { heartfelt sonics } as live sessions & scenes. I work on solo & collective music projects rendering organic – ritualistic – shamanic frequencies, transmitting tribal-tonic, aumni-tonic vibes through live looping and layering of sounds.

As a Nada Yoga Sadhak, ‘Sound’ is my verve, to express and engage onto my being. I perceive it to be eternal & limitless. I invoke ‘The Supreme Sound’ – that soundless sound which resides in our own universal consciousness. 

With the grace of music, I present live music sets and sessions, create audiovisuals, make native sound instruments, maneuver shamanic musical practices and conduct workshops to spread awareness about Nada Yoga. I practice the art of sound/silence & that of light/shadows. 

Please do listen to the music and audio compilations and let me know if they offer some cleansing within to bring out the clarity and inside out reflections. All the music here is ‘free to listen online’ and ‘free to download’.

Thank you!


|| vishwamitra ||